Pediatric Dentistry

Gentle & Fear-Free Dental Care

It is not a meaningless cliché that good things come in small packages. In fact, some of our most delightful patients are some of our youngest patients. We love seeing your children and teaching them the skills they need to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Dr. Kitts and our team love having kids in our chair, and we would be honored to help the smallest smiles in your family grow up right so they can achieve whatever they set their minds to – with a smile!

Dentistry for Kids

The American Dental Association recommends that every child have a dental visit around their first birthday. In addition to teaching the kids that a trip to the dentist is no cause for alarm, a one-year check-up allows us to make sure that teeth are coming in well and that optimal conditions are being met for dental health.

School dental check-up forms are required at various points in your children’s academic career, but you should not restrict dental visits to school mandated checkpoints. As is true for adults, children do best with regular checkups, generally every six months, which allow us to catch potential problems while they are itty-bitty. We always want to avoid big trouble in little mouths.

Oral Hygiene for Kiddos

At home, it is important to teach healthy oral hygiene habits right from the start. For infants, gently wipe gums with a soft, clean cloth. As they grow and start getting teeth, you can switch to an infant toothbrush made just for the purpose. Toddlers will graduate to a toddler size toothbrush, and child toothbrushes are available in several sizes while children are growing.

Supervise brushing until the young children are able to supervise themselves. Teach children not to swallow toothpaste, and apply a pea sized amount of a fluoride toothpaste to an appropriately sized toothbrush at least morning and night, if not after each meal. Some parents find a rinse helpful, particularly for children who need a little extra help with brushing technique. Talk to us at your child’s next visit if you have any questions about what dental care products might be beneficial for your child.

Many children and their parents are curious if the child would benefit from sealants or braces. We are happy to check for these and other developmental therapies at your child’s visits. If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to ask us. We want to help your child have the best smile they can have for life, and that all starts with regular dental care.

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